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Dharma talk “Meditation in daily activities” Thursday Aug 4th 2011 เชิญฟังธรรม “จิต สงบ ด้วยใจภาวนาระหว่างการทำกิจกรรมต่างๆ” เจ้าอาวาสวัดธรรมวนาราม ฮ่องกง 4 ส.ค. 2554

















Dharma talk “Meditation in daily activities”
By Phra Khru Pariyatsasanakhun abbot of Wat Thammawanaram (Thai temple in Hongkong)

The talk will focus on how to keep focused meditation while performing different activities.

(This Dharma talk will be in Thai with translation into English)


Date: This Thursday 4th August 2011 Time: 1800-2030 at Ram’s place (directions are below)

Contact: 081-9855564


ขอเชิญพุทธศาสนิกชนทุกท่านร่วมฟังธรรม “จิต สงบ ด้วยใจภาวนาระหว่างการทำกิจกรรมต่างๆ”

สอนภาวนาโดย “ท่านพระครูปริยัติศาสนคุณ” เจ้าอาวาสวัดธรรมวนาราม(วัดไทหว่อ) ฮ่องกง

เรียนรู้วิธีเจริญสติ ภาวนาควบคู่กับการทำกิจกรรมต่างๆในชีวิตประจำวัน


ในวันพฤหัสบดีนี้ 4 สิงหาคม 2554 เวลา 18.00น.-20.30น. ณ อาคารเวลคัม ติดสน. บางรัก ชั้น 12 (ตรงข้ามสำนักงานเขตบางรัก)

สำรองที่นั่ง 081-9855564



Welcome Palace apartment on Naret rd. (a one way street), off of Sriphraya road. If you are coming by Sub-way (easiest) you can take the Samyan station exit in front of the temple then catch a Taxi or take a Motorbike Taxi (20 Baht) from there by telling them to go to Bangrak Police station. If coming by BTS you can get off at Saladaeng station and take a taxi from there as well. You can just tell the taxi to come to the Bangrak police station if you are coming directly from elsewhere. Once at the police station, my building is an old white building just before the station, come on the 12th floor on the right side and you’ll see a big door and I’ll be in there. If you see a lot of Africans in the building it means that you are in the right building.

HH. Phakchok Rinpoche message in July 2011 สาส์นจาก สมเด็จ พักชก ริมโปเช ในเดือน กรกฎาคม 2554

Guru Rinpoche Day

Dear Dharma Brothers and Sisters,

I hope you’ve all been happy and healthy. I am writing to you all from the eastern coast of the United States and at the moment completely jet lagged! Writing to you all from some hotel in Hong Kong last month is still so fresh that I can’t believe a month has already passed since our last conversation. For those of you who have recently signed up for this monthly reminder to be mindful, welcome. I hope that this reminder on this very auspicious Guru Rinpoche Day, becomes a mean for you to stabilize your ground, a strength to not drift away from the path and a motivation to bring you closer to your fruition.


According to some tradition, the anniversary of Guru Rinpoche’s birth is celebrated on this 10th day of the 5th month. Considering the auspiciousness of this GRD, I would like to first share this image of Guru Ngadrama with you. On seeing this statue at the Great Samye monastery, Guru Rinpoche remarked, “It looks like me”, and then blessed it saying, “Now it is the same as me!”. And secondly the “Seven Line Supplication Prayer” to the Lotus Born Guru.


The Seven Line Prayer

Hung Orgyen Yul Gyi Nub Chang Tsam

Pema Kesar Dongpo La

Yatsen Chok Gi Ngo Drup Nye

Pema Jung Ne Shye Su Drak

Khor Du Khandro Mangpo Kor

Khye Kyi Je Su Dak Drup Kyi

Chin Gyi Lap Chir Shek Su Sol

Guru Pema Siddhi Hung

In the life stories of Guru Rinpoche like the “Namthar Zanglingma”, and the “Namthar Sheldrakma”, the precious Guru constantly reminds his close students the importance of prayer (sol dep). To the Great King, Trisong Detsen, the precious Guru reminds,


The root of the secret mantra path is to keep the samaya commitments. Devotion and effort are the root of samaya. And the root of these two is prayer. So Great King, pray.


And to Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal, the precious Guru affirms,


If anyone who has faith, devotion and a connection with me prays with yearning, the force of their aspiration will ensure my compassion to reach them in a heart beat. So pray Tsogyal, continuously and with devotion. 


I hereby would like to end this month’s GRD reminder with a prayer,


Precious Guru,

Grant your blessing so that my mind turn towards the dharma.

Grant your blessing so that the dharma my progress along the path.

Grant your blessing so that the path may clarify confusion.

Grant your blessing so that confusion may dawn as wisdom.


Sarva Mangalam,

Phakchok Rinpoche