Introduction to Selflessness and Emptiness – teachings by Lama Rinchen Fri 18 Jan 2019 บรรยายธรรมโดยลามะรินเชน 18 ม.ค. 2562

Buddhism – Introduction to Selflessness and Emptiness teaching in Bangkok 18 January 2019 บรรยายธรรม อนัตตา และ ศูนยตา 18 มกราคม 2562
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Lama Rinchen Phuntsok will be giving teaching the Introduction to Selflessness and Emptiness on January on Fri 18th evening, Sukhumvit/Asoke area in Bangkok

สวัสดีครับ ท่านพระลามะรินเชน ( จะบรรยายธรรม อนัตตา และ ศูนยตา

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Friday 18 January มกราคม 2019 —6pm-7pm Dinner —7pm-930pm Teaching session

Selflessness and Emptiness
Anattā/Selflessness: Beside the assembly of the 5 aggregates (Skandha) there is no independent self. On the these 5 aggregate (Skandha), self manifests temporarily due to grasping.

Śūnyatā/Emptiness: a passage from the Heart sūtra states:
Form is emptiness, emptiness is form
Emptiness is not separate from form, form is not separate from emptiness
Whatever is form is emptiness, whatever is emptiness is form.

Venue/สถานที่: Windsor tower apartments, unit 20B, Sukhumvit soi 20, Sukhumvit road, Bangkok
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Cost: ไม่มีค่าใช้จ่าย Free, snacks and light dinner will be provided, you can bring some vegetarian snacks/food to share
Donation: not required, but if you find the session valuable, you can make donation directly to the teacher
Bring: Sitting cushion (if you have)

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Lama Rinchen Phuntsok biography ชีวประวัติ

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Dharma teaching “Reality and Emptiness” on Wednesday 8th Feb 2012 by Lama Dolma ธรรมบรรยาย ความจริงและความว่าง โดย ลามะโดลมะ วันพุธ ที่ 8 ก.พ. 2555

ธรรมบรรยายและปฏิบัติ ลมปราณแห่งความปิติ โดย ลามะโดลมะ วันพุธ ที่ 8 ก.พ. 2555  18.00น.-20.30น. ณ อาคารเวลคัม ติดสน. บางรัก ชั้น 12 (ตรงข้ามสำนักงานเขตบางรัก) ไม่มีค่าใช้จ่าย สำรองที่นั่งใน facebook Mongkol Sri facebook page  หรือ อีเมล์ contact ที่นี่ หรือ โทร 081-9855564

Lama Dolma will be giving Dharma teaching on Reality and Emptiness on WEDNESDAY Feb 8th 2012 6pm-8.30pm with breaks in between (please note that the teaching might go on for longer than the scheduled time)


Reality and Emptiness

What does it mean when we think of reality? What actually is this reality? … By applying different techniques in relation to mind, body and wisdom you will reach the Great Completion.

Oneness – crumbling all walls and limitations, we arrive at fruition fulfilling our potential.

This class will include different Yogas and an explanation of profound wisdom of our true nature.

Location: Welcome palace apartment (ram’s home). For directions please see below. Please feel free to call ram at 0819855564 or email at our contact page for more info and feel free to invite others who might be interested as well.

Date/Time: 6pm-8.30pm, Wednesday 8th Feb 2012

RSVP: Please let us know if you’ll be coming by clicking “Attend” on the Mongkol Sri facebook page or contact us at our contact page

This event is free of charge suitable for everyone from beginner to advanced practitioner.

Please share this event with others who might be interested as well and if you wish, you could bring some vegetarian snacks and drinks which will be shared with others.



About Lama Dolma:

Lama Dolma (Jessica Carnein) is vibrant European female Lama with practical teaching approach from years of study and practice.

1997 received Lamdre meeting Root Guru H.H. Sakya Trizin, shifting to a Sakya center ,intensive study and practice of Vajrayana,and Dzogchen

1998-2001 solitory retreat

2001-2002 Dzogchen and Mahamudra teachings from Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Thrangu rinpoche, Namkai Norbu, H.E.Chogye Trichen 

2003-2005 solitory retreat

2005-2010 open retreat deepening the experience, study of Dzogchen and Mahamudra texts

2011 received the title ‘Lama’ from H.H. Sakya Trizin who encouraged extensive teaching activity


Directions: Welcome Palace Apartment (Ram’s place) on Naret rd. (a one way street), off of Sriphraya road. If you are coming by Sub-way (easiest) you can take the Samyan station exit in front of the temple then catch a Taxi or take a Motorbike Taxi (20 Baht) from there by telling them to go to Bangrak Police station. If coming by BTS you can get off at Saladaeng station and take a taxi from there as well. You can just tell the taxi to come to the Bangrak police station if you are coming directly from elsewhere. Once at the police station, my building is an old white building just before the station, come on the 12th floor on the right side and you’ll see a big door and I’ll be in there. If you see a lot of Africans in the building it means that you are in the right building.

Welcome Palace apartment

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