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Making Peace and Purifying Our World – Guru Rinpoche day message by HE. Phakchok Rinpoche

02 Aug’17

Dear Friends Near and Far,

Hello everybody. Happy Guru Rinpoche Day.
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Today we will talk about the seventh manifestation of Guru Rinpoche. His name is Kyepar Pakpey. This manifestation is especially known for taming the mountain spirits and other spirits. When we say “tame”, what does that mean? By taming, Guru Rinpoche actually teaches us how to make peace with all the beings. Why? Because Kyepar Pakpey teaches us how to make offerings: how to make offerings to the buddhas and bodhisattvas, how to make offerings to the protectors and how to make offerings to the mountain spirits and spirits and obstacle-makers and all other sentient beings. Here in the practice of Kyepar Pakpey, the method for making sang offerings is taught. Not only that, we learn how to benefit beings as a human being: how to benefit the spirit beings and how to benefit the other sentient beings as well. This is what Guru Rinpoche taught in Kyepar Pakpey.

Now, as a normal person, sometimes we have beliefs, sometimes we don’t. It is very important to respect others in this time. Sometimes we are so caught up in what we call the “reality world”, that we forget to respect the spirit world. We forget to respect other animals. We forget the outer world, such as the environment. Our respect diminishes. I can see that in myself and I can see it in others. Respect is very important. Thinking of kindness and thinking of respect is very important. Many of us, we forget this.

Here, Guru Rinpoche, in Kyepar Pakpey, teaches us how to cleanse the world. How to cleanse the environment. How to purify through his spiritual practices. Nowadays, I think at this time, we really need this practice and really need to have the idea to purify our world and our being and human beings. So, in summary, please show respect to all the environments, respect to all the elements, and thinking of the kindness of the environment, thinking of the kindness of the people who put effort, thinking of the kindness of the world is very important. Ok? This is very important to remember. Anyone who is doing sang puja, not only are you making offering to the deities, or the protector, or the spirit world, you are actually cleansing the world that is so polluted by us.

Thank you very much. Happy Guru Rinpoche Day. And be happy.


Sarva Mangalam,


Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche


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