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Nov 2nd “What We Should Have Learned in School” by Ajahn Jayasaro

Tuesday November 2nd
An Audience with Ajahn Jayasaro
“What We Should Have Learned in School”

We are happy to announce an audience with Ajahn Jayasaro on Tuesday November 2nd, at the Tavana Hotel, in English.

Ajahn Jayasaro was formerly the co-abbot and then sole abbot of Wat Pah Nanachat International Forest monastery in the North-East of Thailand for many years. Wat Pah Nanachat is in the lineage of Luang Phor Chah – a huge name in Thai Buddhism. Ajahn Jayasaro now resides alone in Kao Yai, and rarely makes public appearances in English outside of his hermitage.

Ajahn Jayasaro is well known for his interesting and moving Dhamma Talks, in both his native English and also in Thai. For many years he led the International monastery and gained a fine reputation for accessibility and sharp dhamma. Hugely popular with the Thai community we are very glad he will talk this time in English only in support of the international community here in Bangkok.

Time: 6:30 – 8:30pm at the Tavana Hotel, Suriwongse Road

Topic: What We Should Have Learned in School

Ajahn Jayasaro describes Buddhism as an ‘Education System’ rather than a ‘belief system’. This is because it is not founded on a dogma, but a practical series of tools to be applied by the individual, for the sake of growth, change, and re-educating ourselves. It is also a passion of his to introduce to schools some of the ideas of mind training so that youth learn some practical self management skills in the realm of the mind, rather than just academic topics.

There is no charge and no need for advance registration – just turn up.


The event is kindly hosted free of charge by the very beautiful Tawana HotelDhamma project, led by Tahn Chao Khun Bunma.

Tawana Hotel, 80 Suriwongse Road, Bangkok 10500.

Sala Daeng BTS station is a 7-8 min. walk, and Samyan MRT is 4-5 minutes walk away. There is plenty of free parking in the hotel, accessible from the front on Suriwongse Road.

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For more information please visit the The Little Bangkok Sangha site.

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